Attention Residents: for anything regarding access to trails, parks in the community, or questions about trash service please refer to the River Place Limited District with Inframark.  They can be contacted at 512-246-0498

River Place Board and Annual Meetings, Agendas, Financials & Budgets

HOA Business

River Place Volunteers


Board of Directors

David Vogdes

President 2022

Tim Mattox

Vice President 2019

Ivar Rachkind

Treasurer 2020

David Vogdes

Secretary 2022

Randall Jaimeson

Member 2020

Chris Whitcomb

Member June 2021

Bob Almand

Member 2021

Jo Anne Hargraves

Member 2021

Gavin McBryde

Member 2022

John Gillis Jr.

Member 2022

River Place Upcoming Meetings

Dates and locations of upcoming Annual and Board Meetings.

Association Budget


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